IEC 62474 – Amendment 1 to Broaden Use Across Industries

IEC 62474 Ed 2 is undergoing a quick amendment to broaden its use across multiple industries by allowing alternate Declarable Substance Lists (DSL) to be used in creating a material declaration.

A few other clarifications are also being made. The voting period for the IEC 62474 AM1 Committee Draft for Vote (CDV) closes on April 19th. If all National Committees (NC) approve the document, the amendment can skip the final draft (FDIS) voting and go straight to publication.

There are no other technical changes in Am1 that impact the data exchange format or the information on the IEC 62474 database.

IEC 62474:2018 is available from the IEC webstore and standards resellers worldwide.  The revision has also been approved as a European Standard (EN 62474).