Safe Use Instructions for EU SCIP

The IEC 62474 data exchange format has the opportunity to declare safe use instructions (if applicable) for substances in the product. IEC 62474 allows the safe use information to be declared as either a free-text field or as an entry from a reference list published by an authority.

In the Composition Declaration, safe use information may be reported with the Substance or the Material.

In the Declaration for Compliance module, the safe use information may be assigned to either the declaration substance/declarable substance group (DsDsg) or to ArticleInformation if the DSL entry is a REACH Candidate List entry.  However, if the DsDsg entry is a REACH Candidate List entry and the declaration is intended to be used for SCIP submission, then the SafeUse element in ArticleInformation is used for the safe use instructions needed for SCIP.  The reason for using ArticleInformation SafeUse is that the safe use instructions may vary based on the article (for example, whether the SVHC is accessible to the user or not).

Note: ECHA has suggested a possible default statement for safe use instructions in the event that no special instructions are applicable. This has been proposed as “No need to provide safe use information beyond the identification of the Candidate List substance”  If this phrase is updated by ECHA, please use the latest recommendation provided by ECHA.