IEC 62474 DSL updated with PIP (3:1) – April 28, 2021

On April 28, 2021, the IEC 62474 declarable substances list (DSL) was updated to include recent U.S. TSCA restrictions of PIP (3:1) and decaBDE. The restriction of PIP (3:1) is a particular challenge for manufacturers and suppliers given the incredibly short timeframe and that many manufacturers have not been tracking this substance in their supply chain.

Early indication is that PIP (3:1) may be contained in a variety of EEE products and components – wire sheathing and foam gaskets are emerging as examples. However, most manufacturers do not yet know the full extent of the potential applications. These compliance challenges made PIP (3:1) a priority for addition to the IEC 62474 DSL before the next planned update in July.

The updated DSL (version D22.00) includes a new entry for PIP (3:1) (ID=00174) and modifications to the entry for decaBDE (ID=00064) for reporting threshold and regulatory basis.

The latest IEC 62474 DSL may be referenced with the UniqueID authority=IEC62474, identity= IEC62474-DSL, and version=D22.00.

The DSL is available online from the IEC 62474 database at ; the standard itself which specifies the material declaration rules may be purchased in the same manner as any other IEC standard — from the IEC webstore or a reseller.