How to create an IEC 62474 Material Declaration

IEC 62474 includes a material declaration procedure (rules) and an XML schema for data exchange. In this way the supplier that is creating a material declaration and the customer that is receiving the declaration are using the same data format. The declaration procedure is specified in the document portion of IEC 62474 and the XML schema is available from the IEC 62474 database. The IEC 62474 XML schema is similar to the well known IPC 1752 XML format.

A key objective in the development of IEC 62474 was to ensure that the recipient of a material declaration has sufficient information to properly assess the conformity of a material or product. For example, a material declaration that reports only a single ‘highest’ concentration of lead in the product can be deceiving – the highest concentration may be covered by a RoHS exemption, potentially masking a lower concentration of lead in another material.

To create a material declaration that conforms to IEC 62474, the declaration must meet all of the requirements specified in the XML schema, the developers table, and the document portion of IEC 62474 International Standard.

This blog will provide some postings that provide information on how to create material declarations that conform to IEC 62474. This section is UNDER DEVELOPMENT and currently only addresses a few specific topics. Please contact us for training or support on implementing IEC 62474.

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