About IEC 62474

IEC 62474 is an International Standard on material declaration. It includes an internationally recognized Desclarable Substance List (DSL), a material declaration procedure and an XML-schema for data exchange. The contents of the standard that may need to be updated regularly are provided in an online datebase which is maintained by an International validation team. The IEC database is available on the IEC website at http://std.iec.ch/iec62474

An overview of this standard is available on the ECD Compliance website at: https://web.ecdcompliance.com/resources/iec-62474 .

The IEC 62474 International Standard is available for purchase from the IEC website or your favorite reseller of International standards.

To view blog entries on updates to the IEC 62474 database entries click here

Blog entries on creating/interpreting an IEC 62474 material declaration are currently under development.