New Features in IEC 62474 Database Upgrade on March 15, 2019

The IEC 62474 database received a software upgrade on Friday March 15, 2019. You will notice that some of the menu names in the left hand ribbon have changed — the naming is now more consistent — and menu options have been added for exemption lists and supplementary lists and information (which now includes the REACH SVHC Complimentary List).

New Information in Declarable Substance List

The Declarable Substance List has two new data fields as specified in IEC 62474:2018. These fields are: “Substance Clarification” and “Mass Info Requirements”. Both fields are currently blank but will be updated in late March to include the new information.

New Location for EU REACH Complimentary List  (D17.00)

The EU REACH Complimentary List (CL) is now posted in the section in “Supplementary Lists and Information” instead of in the Archive section. The Complimentary List includes the REACH Candidate List substances that the validation team (VT) for IEC 62474 is screening out and not including on the DSL.  These are the Candidate List entries for which the evidence available to the validation team (VT) suggests that the substances are not present (above threshold) in materials that may be used in EEE products. If anyone is aware is aware of substances that are listed on the CL and may be present in EEE, please contact the VT 62474 with the information.  An email address for technical feedback is provided on the contact page of the IEC 62474 database.

Background on IEC 62474

IEC 62474 is an International Standard for the electrical and electronics industry on material declaration that includes an internationally recognized Declarable Substance List (DSL), a material declaration procedure and an XML-schema for data exchange. IEC standards are recognized by the WTO for International harmonization and regulatory cooperation.

The IEC 62474 DSL is an internationally recognized and harmonized list of substances and substance groups that are regulated and may be constituents of electrical and electronic products and systems. Electrical and electronic manufacturers and suppliers use the DSL in their design and supply chain management operations to specify and control substances of concern. The list is typically updated as needed based on regulatory changes. For additional information about IEC 62474, see the article About IEC 62474.