IEC 62474 Ed. 2 Pre Release Version is Publicly Available

The IEC 62474 Edition 2 is out for final voting as a Final Draft International Standard (FDIS).  The IEC (Interrnational Electrotechnical Commission) has made the draft publicly available as a Pre Release Version (PRV) from the IEC webstore at

Several new features have been added to the standard, including:

  • a new “Declaration for compliance” option;
  • additional support for substance in article (SiA) to meet EU REACH regulation requirements, including an isArticle flag
  • support for other Declarable Substance Lists (DSL)
  • ability for requester to request declaration content
  • ability for requester to request declaration content
  • information on what declaration data is provided in a declaration file
  • exemption lists (that are available to regulators and material declaration users)
  • additional data fields in the IEC 62474 DSL for declarable substance descriptions and to provide clarification of mass reporting requirements

For the declaration data exchange format, the standard now includes a “Declaration for compliance” option in addition to the “Composition declaration”.  The standard requires that at least one of these declaration is included in the declaration file.  For those who are familiar with IPC-1752A, the “Declaration for compliance” is similar to the Class C declaration.

“Substance Group” elements have been removed from the declaration hierarchy of a composition declaration in the material declaration file.  Declarable Substance Groups (DSGs) are still an important part of the IEC 62474 DSL, but removing substance groups  from the hierarchy of a composition declaration was necessary because of the large number of emerging substance groups in regulations and the fact that many substance groups overlap with the substances that they include. This overlap created issues in the declaration hierarchy as to where to assign a substance that was part of several declarable substance groups.

The IEC 62474 Validation Team (VT62474) is currently updating the xml schema and developer’s table and other parts of the database to implement the new requirements in IEC 62474 Ed. 2. We’ll be posting additional information as the new standard rolls out.

Support on Interpretation and Guidance for Users and Solution Providers

ECD Compliance provides support and guidance on interpretations to software solution providers, manufacturers and suppliers for the implementation of IEC 62474 and other material declaration standards.   We can work with you on the transition to the new requirements. For additional information, contact ECD Compliance.

Voting on the IEC 62474 Ed. 2 FDIS

The FDIS is currently open for comments and voting by National Committees. The voting period closes on October 12, 2018.  ECD Compliance will be providing comments for National Committee submission.