IEC 62474 Declarable Substance List – Sept 2017 Update

The IEC 62474 Declarable Substance List (DSL) was updated on September 3, 2017. The updated version (D14.00) includes the additional SVHC added to the REACH Candidate List in July (Perfluorohexane-1-sulphonic acid and its salts) and changes to two existing DSL entries and some maintenance to reference substance list entries, including:

  • The nickel substance entry (nickel metal) is replaced by a nickel/nickel compounds declarable substance group with tenreference substances;
  • The numerical part of the reporting threshold of Hexabromocyclododecane (HBCDD) was reduced to 0.01 mass% of article to align with the EU POPs regulation; and
  • The reference substance name “Lead hydrocarbonate” was replaced by “Trilead bis(carbonate) dihydroxide” and the duplicate reference substance “Lead (II) carbonate basic” (same CAS, different name) was delected.

The DSL is used globally by EEE manufacturers, suppliers, and IT solution providers as a common list of substances that should be declared throughout the supply chain, allowing downstream manufacturers to access product compliance to substance regulations around the world. The DSL includes declarable substances and substance groups together with reporting thresholds and reportable applications.

Additions and modifications to the DSL  are listed in the table below

IDSubstance GroupSpecific SubstanceCAS numberReportable ApplicationsReporting Treshold
00020Hexabromocyclododecane (HBCDD) and all major diastereoisomers identified: Alpha-hexabromocyclododecane Beta-hexabromocyclododecane Gamma-hexabromocyclododecaneSee Reference Substance worksheet for more detailsSee Reference SubstancesAllIntentionally added or 0.01 mass% of article
00031Nickel/Nickel CompoundsSee Reference Substance worksheet for more detailsSee Reference SubstancesAll, where prolonged skin contact is expectedIntentionally Added
00143Perfluorohexane-1-sulphonic acid and its saltsSee Reference Substance worksheet for more detailsSee Reference SubstancesAll0.1 mass% of article

Additions and modifications to the Reference Substance List are listed in the tables below

R00478Nickel/Nickel CompoundsNickel7440-02-0
R00479Nickel/Nickel CompoundsNickel (II) oxide1313-99-1
R00480Nickel/Nickel CompoundsNickel (II) chloride7718-54-9
R00481Nickel/Nickel CompoundsNickel (II) chloride, hexahydrate 7791-20-0
R00482Nickel/Nickel CompoundsNickel(II) sulfate7786-81-4
R00483Nickel/Nickel CompoundsNickel(II) sulfate, hexahydrate10101-97-0
R00484Nickel/Nickel CompoundsNickel(II) sulfate, heptahydrate10101-98-1
R00485Nickel/Nickel CompoundsAntimony nickel titanium oxide yellow8007-18-9
R00486Nickel/Nickel CompoundsNickel niobium titanium yellow rutile68611-43-8
R00487Nickel/Nickel CompoundsCobalt titanate green spinel68186-85-6
R00488Perfluorohexane-1-sulphonic acid and its saltsPerfluorohexane-1-sulphonic acid355-46-4
R00489Perfluorohexane-1-sulphonic acid and its saltsammonium perfluorohexane-1-sulphonate68259-08-5
R00490Perfluorohexane-1-sulphonic acid and its saltspotassium perfluorohexane-1-sulphonate3871-99-6
R00491Perfluorohexane-1-sulphonic acid and its saltssodium perfluorohexane-1-sulphonate2923-26-4
R00154Lead/Lead CompoundsTrilead bis(carbonate) dihydroxide1319-46-6


The IEC 62474 DSL is an internationally recognized and harmonized list of substances and substance groups that are regulated and may be constituents of electrical and electronic products and systems. Electrical and electronic manufacturers and suppliers use the DSL in their design and supply chain management operations to specify and control substances of concern. The list is typically updated as needed based on regulatory changes. For additional information about IEC 62474, see the article About IEC 62474. The IEC 62474 database is available online; the standard itself which specifies the material declaration requirements and rules may be purchased in the same manner as any other IEC standard — from the IEC webstore or a reseller.

 Additional Information

The updated DSL version is D14.00. The new and modified entries have a last revised date of 2017-09-03

If anyone is aware of errors or omissions in the database (e.g. a regulated substances that is not included in the DSL but has potential EEE applications) or a regulatory reference that is out of date, please send an email to ECD Compliance and we will raise the issue with the  IEC 62474 validation team.

For further information on IEC 62474 or for support on your substance management program, please contact ECD Compliance.