IEC 62474 DSL Update – Version D10.00

Version D10.00 of the IEC 62474 Declarable Substance List (DSL) and the Reference Substance List (RSL) were released on December 17, 2015. The substance lists are used globally by EEE manufacturers, suppliers, and IT solution providers as a common list of substances and substance groups that are declared throughout the supply chain. Declaration of the substances are important for downstream manufacturers to determine conformity of EEE products to substance regulations around the world and to perform due diligence in conformity assessment.

The update includes:

  • four of five substances from the December 17, 2015 SVHC additions to the EU REACH Candidate List and
  • changes in the reporting threshold of the four phthalate substances that were added to the EU RoHS Directive earlier this year.

The IEC 62474 data exchange format (XML schema and developer’s table) was not updated during this maintenance cycle.  The database update is the final step in maintenance cycle (MC-2015-02) which was started in September.


The IEC 62474 DSL is an internationally recognized and harmonized list of substances and substance groups that are regulated and may be constituents of electrical and electronic products and systems. Electrical and electronic manufacturers and suppliers use the DSL in their design and supply chain management operations to specify and control substances of concern. The list is typically updated as needed based on regulatory changes. For additional information about IEC 62474, see the article About IEC 62474. The IEC 62474 database is available online (free of charge); the standard itself which specifies the material declaration requirements and rules may be purchased in the same manner as any other IEC standard — from the IEC webstore or a reseller.

Additions to the Declarable Substance List (DSL)

Additions and technical modifications to the DSL were driven by two regulations: EU REACH and EU RoHS. The new entries are listed in the table below

New and Modified Substance Entries in the DSL - D10.00

SubstanceCAS numberTypical ApplicationsReporting ThresholdRegulation
Bis (2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP)117-81-7Plasticizer, dye, pigment, paint, ink, adhesive, lubricant0.1 mass% in homogenous materialEU RoHS
Dibutyl phthalate (DBP)84-74-2Plasticizer, dye, pigment, paint, ink, adhesive, lubricant0.1 mass% in homogenous materialEU RoHS
Benzyl butyl phthalate (BBP)85-68-7Plasticizer, dye, pigment, paint, ink, adhesive, lubricant0.1 mass% in homogenous materialEU RoHS
Diisobutyl phthalate84-69-5Plasticizer, dye, pigment, paint, ink, adhesive, lubricant0.1 mass% in homogenous materialEU RoHS
1,3-propanesultone1120-71-4Electrolyte fluid of rechargeable lithium ion batteries 0.1 mass%REACH Candidate List
2,4-di-tert-butyl-6-(5-chlorobenzotriazol-2-yl)phenol (UV-327)3864-99-1UV stabilizer0.1 mass%REACH Candidate List
2-(2H-benzotriazol-2-yl)-4-(tert-butyl)-6-(sec-butyl)phenol (UV-350)36437-37-3UV stabilizer0.1 mass%REACH Candidate List
Perfluorononan-1-oic-acid and its sodium and ammonium salts375-95-1, 21049-39-8, 4149-60-4Surfactant in the production of the fluoropolymer polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)0.1 mass%REACH Candidate List

EU REACH Candidate List

Four of the five SVHCs added to the REACH Candidate List on December 17, 2015 were identified as being possible constituents of EEE products and are therefore included in the DSL. The validation team did not find any evidence that the other SVHC added to the Candidate List would exist in EEE above the reporting threshold.

Note: The reporting threshold for the new REACH SVHC substance entries is listed as “0.1 mass%” in the same manner as the other REACH SVHCs listed in the DSL; however, the IEC 62474 validation team is working on a systemic change to the reporting thresholds to take into account the European Court of Justice ruling in September with regard to the interpretation of article.


The four Phthalates DEHP, DBP, BBP, and DIBP were added into the EU RoHS Directive with the restrictions taking effect starting on July 22, 2019. Although the restriction date is several years out, some of these phthalates are pervasively used in EEE and will take significant time and effort to eliminate. Adding these substances to the IEC 62474 DSL now is necessary to help manufacturers identify the use of these substances throughout their supply chain.

The original six RoHS substance entries were also updated to reflect the recast Directive 2011/65/EU instead of the original 2002/95/EC.   This is a minor editorial change.

New data field for Reporting Level

A number of new features were added recently to the IEC 62474 database. This includes a new data field has been added to all DSL entries for “Reporting Level”. This field is currently blank, but will used in the near future to provide additional information to help users interpret the reporting threshold. You can find additional information on the new features added by the IEC IT team in an earlier posting.

Changes to the Reference Substance List (RSL)

Two minor changes were made to the Reference Substance List (RSL).

  • The CAS number 31119-53-6 was added to the entry for Cadmium sulfate
  • The CAS number 7789-12-0 was added to the entry for Sodium dichromate

 Material Classes

There were no changes to the Material Classes.

 Additional Information

If anyone is aware of errors or omissions in the database (e.g. a regulated substances that is not included in the DSL but has potential EEE applications) or a regulatory reference that is out of date, please send an email to ECD Compliance and we will review and address with the  IEC 62474 validation team.

For further information on IEC 62474 or for support on your substance management program, please contact ECD Compliance.