Declarable Substance List (DSL)

The IEC 62474 Declarable Substance List (DSL) is a list of regulated substances and substance groups (e.g. lead and lead compounds) that a manufacturer should declare to downstream manufacturers if present in the product. Each substance or substance group entry in the list is accompanied with a reportable application and a reporting threshold level. The supplier that is creating the material declaration will use this information to determine if the substance must be declared.

The DSL may be accessed from the IEC 62474 database via the menu bar on the left side of the introduction webpage – click on “Declarable substance groups and declarable substances” and then select the substance from the drop down list. For example, selecting “Lead/Lead Compounds” presents five entries with different reportable application / reporting threshold combinations – the first entry corresponds to the RoHS restriction. Clicking on the “Details” button reveals information about reference substances; typical EEE applications, regulations, and other information.

There is also an option on the website to export the entire DSL.