On 31 December 2020 all restrictions, substances on the Candidate List, and substances on the Authorisation List that were in force were carried over from EU REACH to UK REACH. Priorities will be identified annually for the UK REACH WORK Program, as a coordinated effort by UK, Welsh, and Scottish governments. The work that the EA (Environmental Agency) and HSE (Health and Safety Executive) do each year will be articulated in the ‘UK REACH Work Program’ ─ a document, the first of which is now published on the HSE website.

Note: SCIP does not apply to the UK ─ there exists a UK SVHC list (Annexe XIV list ─ on the HSE website); DEFRA is attempting to determine how to best address substance information in the future.

HSE (and EA) are preparing restriction dossiers on the use and/or sale of lead ammunition, and on substances in tattoo inks and in permanent makeup ─ a restriction will be introduced if evidence shows an unacceptable risk to human health and the environment, and after a public consultation. EA and HSE are investigating the risks posed by PFAS through RMOA (Regulatory Management Options Analysis).UK – UK RoHS (and Compliance of the Northern Ireland Protocol)