EU – Ecodesign Requirements for Off, Standby and Networked Standby Modes

The European Commission has proposed an ecodesign implementing measure that will impose requirements to implement low-power modes in many types of household and office equipment products that are not already covered by existing low-power mode regulations.  Products will need to provide specific low-power features and meet a maximum power consumption when products are in a low-power mode.

The list of products includes:

  • Many types of household and kitchen appliances;
  • Information technology equipment intended primarily for use in the domestic environment, but not including computers and electronic displays that are already covered by their own ecodesign regulations;
  • Consumer equipment, include audio/video recording, playing and streaming equipment;
  • Toys, leisure, and sports equipment;
  • Adjustable furniture; and
  • Motor-operated building elements (shutters, blinds, door, gates, etc.)

The ecodesign requirements are specified in Annex II of the regulation. They include:

  • Energy efficiency requirements for off mode, standby mode, and networked standby mode (as applicable)
  • Functional Requirements for power management, and
  • Information requirements

Annex III to the proposed regulation specifies measurement methods and calculations.

Annex IV describes the verification procedure for market surveillance purposes.

The proposed regulation is posted on the europa website[1] for public consultation until February 23, 2022.

[1] Proposed EU ecodesign regulation,