Candidate List Updated with Eight Hazardous Chemicals

The European Chemical Agency (ECHA) added eight additional substances to the EU REACH Candidate List on July 8, 2021. The new Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) entries are listed in Table 1. There is now a total of 219 SVHCs on the REACH Candidate List.

The IEC 62474 Validation Team has reviewed the substances for potential uses in EEE – SVHCs that were identified by the IEC 62474 Validation Team as possible EEE constituents are shown with their typical EEE applications. The IEC 62474 DSL was updated to include the three SVHCs on July 18, 2021.

The full REACH Candidate List is available from the ECHA website[1]:

Table 1: SVHCs added to REACH Candidate List (July 2021)

Substance NameEC no.CAS no.Examples of use(s)Typical EEE Applications
2-(4-tert-butylbenzyl)propionaldehyde and its individual stereoisomers--Cleaning agents, cosmetics, in scented articles, polishes and wax blends.
Orthoboric acid, sodium salt237-560-213840-56-7Not registered under REACH. May be used as solvent and corrosion inhibitor.As flame retardant/adhesive ingredients for wood, paper, cotton and other plant-derived materials; glass manufacturing
2,2-bis(bromomethyl)propane1,3-diol (BMP);

2,2-dimethylpropan-1-ol, tribromo derivative/3-bromo-2,2-bis(bromomethyl)-1-propanol (TBNPA);

2,3-dibromo-1-propanol (2,3-DBPA)





BMP: manufacture of polymer resins and in one component foam (OCPF) application.

TBNPA: polymer production manufacture of plastics products, including compounding and conversion and as an intermediate.

DBPA: registered as an intermediate.
Glutaral203-856-5111-30-8Biocides, leather tanning, x-ray film processing, cosmetics.
Medium-chain chlorinated paraffins (MCCP) UVCB substances consisting of more than or equal to 80% linear chloroalkanes with carbon chain lengths within the range from C14 to C17--Flame retardants, plasticising additives in plastics, sealants, rubber and textilesFlame retardant and/or plasticizer in PVC and rubber, paints and coatings, adhesives and sealants, textiles and fabric
Phenol, alkylation products (mainly in para position) with C12-rich branched alkyl chains from oligomerisation, covering any individual isomers and/or combinations thereof (PDDP)--Preparation of lubricant additive materials and of fuel system cleaners.
4,4'-(1-methylpropylidene)bisphenol201-025-177-40-7Not registered under REACH. May be used in manufacture of phenolic and polycarbonate resin.Antioxidant for plasticizer and PVC, ink, paint and adhesive; used as monomer in epoxy resins and plastics

Note from ECHA: due to a technical error, the EC entry 251-823-9, EC name: tetrahydro-4-methylphthalic anhydride was mistakenly associated to an earlier Candidate List entry Hexahydromethylphthalic anhydride [including cis- and trans- stereo isomeric forms and all possible combinations of the isomers]. The associated substance tetrahydro-4-methylphthalic anhydride has now been removed from the Candidate List. The substance infocard and brief profile are being updated accordingly. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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