EU – SCIP Update

During the January 28 SCIP IT User Group meeting, ECHA reported that there were over seven million successful SCIP submissions, with the largest number of monthly submissions occurring in December (Figure 1). About half of the submissions have been Simplified SCIP Notifications (SSN) made by importers and distributers.

Figure 1: SCIP submissions to date








ECHA also provided a breakdown of the most common submission errors – the most frequent error being “[BR719] Same notification cannot be submitted multiple times”.

The complexity of some submissions and the number of levels of hierarchy being included was raised as a concern by ECHA. They emphasized that the submission hierarchy should be as simple as possible while meeting the basic requirement for recyclers to be able to locate SVHCs within the product. To control the complexity of submission, ECHA has imposed a limit of 1000 documents (elements of information) per submission.

ECHA was non-committal on exactly when the user portal to search for product information in the SCIP database will be available.  They had previously indicated  February 2021 for the release, but are now saying that it is currently a high priority for the “next months”.