Saudi Arabia – Proposes RoHS Regulation

In November 2020, the Saudi Arabian Standards, Metrology and Quality Organisation (SASO) notified the WTO of a proposed RoHS regulation.  Technical requirements are similar to EU RoHS with the following product categories proposed in the scope:

  • Large household appliances
  • Small household appliances
  • Information and communication technology equipment
  • Lighting equipment
  • Electrical and electronic tools
  • Leisure, recreation and sports equipment
  • Monitoring and control tools.

Exclusions are proposed for medical devices, military equipment, large-scale stationary industrial tools, large scale fixed installations and aerospace equipment.

Manufacturers should note that that the proposed regulation has more prescriptive conformity assessment requirements than EU RoHS, including:

  • a quality management system
  • certificate of conformity (Type 1a per IEC / ISO 17067) and related test report
  • technical file that includes the supplier DoC, risk assessment, warning and manuals

Documents must be submitted to the relevant authority. This is similar, although not identical to UAE RoHS which came into effect a couple of years ago.  The WTO notification references applicable harmonized standards IEC 63000 (technical documentation), IEC 62321-X (test methods), and IEC 62474 (material declaration).