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RoHS 2 Phthalates Restriction Clarified for Spare Parts and Cables

The European Commission has clarified the impact of the upcoming RoHS 2 Phthalates restrictions on spare parts and cables for products that were put on the EU market before the new substance restrictions come into effect.  The clarification was made March 13, 2015 in response to comments the EC had received to their WTO notification of the draft amendment adding the four phthalate substances to Annex II of the RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU).

The Commission proposed the following draft recommendation to be included in the ANNEX II amendment:

“The restriction of DEHP, BBP and DBP shall not apply to cables or spare parts for the repair, the reuse, the updating of functionalities or upgrading of capacity of the EEE of ANNEX I categories 1-7, 10 and 11 that is placed on the market before 22 July 2019, and the EEE of ANNEX I categories 8 and 9 that is placed on the market before 22 July 2021.”

ECD Compliance is providing services to assist manufacturers with implementing the phthalates restrictions in supply chain management and manufacturing operations efficiently and cost effectively.