EU – Mercury Exemptions Published

On February 24, 2022, the European Commission officially published twelve delegated Directives that lay out the future of the EU RoHS mercury exemptions. An overview with links to the delegated Directives is available from the Commission news release[1].

Most of the mercury exemptions are being phased out after one or one and a half years (24 February 2023 or 24 August 2023), especially fluorescent lamps for use in conventional household and commercial lighting.  High efficiency drop-in alternatives (e.g., LED lamps) are already available for most of these applications.

There are a few exemptions for special purpose lamps that are being given an additional two years until 2025. A few mercury exemptions for high-pressure or low-pressure lamps or very specialized applications are renewed for a full five years until 24 February 2027.

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