EU – Intent to Restrict PFAS Has Been Submitted by Five EU Countries

Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden submitted on 15 July 2021 their intent to restrict PFAS. Proposals are expected to be submitted to ECHA by 15 July 2022 and will restrict the manufacture and placing on the market of PFAS.

The five countries are open for stakeholder comments until 19 September 2021, the questionnaire is accessible from the REACH-CLP-Biozid Helpdesk3.

The ECHA website provides the scope of the incoming restrictions, “any chemical with at least one perfluorinated methyl group (-CF3) or at least one perfluorinated methylene group (-CF2-), –), including branched fluoroalkyl groups and substances containing ether linkages, fluoropolymers and side chain fluorinated polymers.”