EU – Consultation on Proposed Restriction of PFHxA

ECHA launched a public consultation on the restriction proposal for Perfluorohexanoic acid (PFHxA), its salts and related substances in the EU. PFHxA substances are used in the manufacture of fluoropolymers (plastics which may be used in EEE) and clothing.  They are used as manufacturing chemicals and typically would not remain in a finished product; however, the proposed threshold for PFHxA substances in polymers is very low (0.0001%) meaning that even residual amounts of the substances could be above the restriction level.

PFHxA substances are also used in semiconductor manufacturing operations. An exemption is proposed for this application.

Additional information on the proposed restriction and the consultation may be found on the ECHA website[1].

[1] PFHxA consultation website,