Ontario – Expands WEEE Regulation to Cover all EEE

Ontario has proposed a new WEEE regulation that would make producers responsible for end of life collection and recycling.  This would replace the current Ontario WEEE regulation that requires consumers to pay an eco fee at the time of purchasing a product.  If adopted the Ontario regulation will be one of the most comprehensive WEEE regulations among all states and provinces in North America.

The definition of EEE is similar to that of EU WEEE and RoHS, applying to products that are “designed for use with an electric current and a voltage rating not exceeding 1000 volts for alternating current and 1500 volts for direct current”.  For purposes of WEEE responsibilities, EEE products are grouped into four categories:

    1. Information technology, telecommunications and audio visual equipment.
    2. Large equipment.
    3. Lighting.
    4. Small equipment.

Responsibilities of the producer include a free collection network for end of life products, achieving resource recovery targets, promotion and education to increase consumer awareness, and to register, report and keep records.

The proposed regulation specifies requirements that would significantly increase the number of collection sites.

Details on collection requirements are provided in the proposed regulation[1].

[1] Proposed Ontario WEEE regulation, https://ero.ontario.ca/notice/019-0048