Singapore Clarifies RoHS Proposal

The Singapore National Environment Agency (NEA) is proposing a Singapore RoHS regulation. The proposal aligns with the EU RoHS Directive, but initially targets only 6 common consumer product categories. The six product categories targeted for RoHS compliance are: Mobile Phones, Mobile computers, Refrigerators, Air conditioners, Panel TVs and Washing Machines. A NEA study has found that 95% of these products are already compliant and intends to ensure compliance of all such products that are sold in Singapore. The proposal suggests that a one-year grace period (transition time) will be provided for manufacturers and importers to comply with the restrictions from the date the regulation is gazetted.

In their response to a public consultation on the proposed regulation, the NEA clarified that

  • Batteries would be excluded from the scope of Singapore RoHS (same as EU RoHS)
  • The RoHS exemptions would be aligned with EU RoHS (Annex III) and updated regularly to remain in alignment.
  • Manufacturers and importers of EEE will be required to submit a RoHS Declaration of Conformity prior to selling EEE product in Singapore (this is different from the enforcement approach employed in the EU).
  • Non-RoHS EEE may still be manufactured in Singapore for export; however, the manufacturer will need to apply for a hazardous substance licence from NEA.