EU – Candidate List Updated with Four Hazardous Chemicals

The European Chemical Agency (ECHA), on January 17, 2022, added four additional substances to the EU REACH Candidate List. The new Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) entries are listed in Table 1. There are now 223 SVHCs on the REACH Candidate List.

Based on the requirements of the EU REACH regulation, these substances are subject to the REACH Article 33 reporting obligation as soon as they are listed. However, in practice, it typically takes manufacturers a few months to identify the substances in parts and materials and then update their declaration.

The IEC 62474 Validation Team has reviewed the substances for potential uses in EEE – SVHCs that are possible EEE constituents are shown with their typical EEE applications.

The full REACH Candidate List is available on the REACH Candidate List website.[1]

Table 1: SVHCs added to the REACH Candidate List on January 17, 2022

Substance NameEC no.CAS no.Examples of use(s)Typical EEE Applications
tris(2-methoxyethoxy)vinylsilane213-934-01067-53-4used to manufacture rubber and plastic, to formulate non-metal surface treatment solutions or dispersions and in sealants
S-(tricyclo('2,6)deca-3-en-8(or 9)-yl O-(isopropyl or isobutyl or 2-ethylhexyl) O-(isopropyl or isobutyl or 2-ethylhexyl) phosphorodithioate401-850-9255881-94-8used to formulate lubricants (additives) and greases that are used by professional workers and at industrial sites.
6,6'-di-tert-butyl-2,2'-methylenedi-p-cresol204-327-1119-47-1used as an antioxidant or stabiliser in the manufacture of polymers and as an additive in the rubber industry. The substance is also used by consumers and professional workers in lubricants, greases, adhesives, sealants, hydraulic fluids and metal working fluidsAdhesives, sealants, lubricants, fuels, hydraulic fluids, metal working, antioxidant/stabilizer for rubber and plastics

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