EU –SCIP Database Update

Updates from the SCIP IT User Group Meeting on March 25, ECHA:

    • ECHA said that they still could not provide a forecast date for when the dissemination portal will go live. They hinted at technical issues preventing them from deploying the portal but otherwise seemed to be intentionally vague on the cause of the delay.
    • Some users are submitting dummy dossiers so that their products are registered in the database, but with incomplete article and SVHC data – presumably with the intention to update the SCIP dossier as supply chain information becomes available.
    • Improvements are being made to the IUCLID software and S2S system for creating and submitting SCIP dossiers.
      • ECHA plans to support multiple S2S keys for a legal entity – this will allow a legal entity (and their affiliates) to contract multiple solution providers to provide SCIP notification services
      • Improvements to downloading SCIP reports, including dossiers with more levels of hierarchy,